+ Specifically targets Black and Latina women to become leaders in areas burdened with HIV+AIDS.

+ Support services for women living with HIV+AIDS.

+ provide relevant materials that elimnates cultural barriers and stigmas.

+ creates a sense of being among others who are compassionate, caring, and understanding.

Urgent Need: South Florida

BREAK the SILENCE (or PYP) understands that certain regions in the United States require increased advocacy and funding to streamline the caring process. In South Florida, newly reported cases of HIV infection rates for women, especially women of color, are among the highest in the Nation.

BREAK the SILENCE has agreed to grant seed money to The Pride Center at Equality Park in Wilton Manors for the development and pilot testing of a program that assists women living with HIV. The program will provide tangible benefits that will enable women to enhance their quality of living and mental health. The Program will be incorporated into existing Pride Center offerings, and will feature concepts such as peer groups, therapy sessions, workshops, and provide targeted educational materials.

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