The National Online Buddy System will pair people who have recently tested HIV positive with others who have been positive for a year or more.  Individuals will register for the program online, anonymously, and be paired based upon their answers to a series of demographic questions.  This ground-breaking program will provide much-needed resources to young people with HIV who live in rural areas that lack community based programs and assistance.

 recently diagnosed people with a mentor who is living with HIV.

innovative hotline
+ that provides around the clock support and services in their community.

educational materials
+ on HIV, delivered by phone, email, or text.

+ provide specific individual risk and discuss post exposure preventive protocols.

The National Online Buddy System and PYP Hotline will be invaluable resources both in the fight against HIV and in the daily lives of those who have recently tested HIV positive.

This new innovative hotline will allow anyone to talk to someone knowledgeable about HIV, and get referrals to various AIDS services in their local city or state. Our specialists will help assess each individual’s risk of exposure, be able to discuss the most recent post-exposure preventative protocols, review provisional treatments and follow-up options. Educational materials supporting the telephone discussion are sent by e-mail, mail or fax and will be available whenever needed. This hotline is a direct portal to someone who is a subject matter expert about HIV.

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